The Work of The Catahoula

The Catahoula breed is very versatile. They were originally developed by early settlers in the southeastern U.S. as the all-purpose dog needed to hunt game and gather cattle by day and guard family and homestead by night.

The dog scents an animal such as a coon, chases and trees it. The dog stays at the base of the tree baying until the hunter catches up and shoots the animal out of the tree.


A-Bay Work
Hog Work:
The dogs track and find (strike) the hog and then bay it until it stops, holding it until the hunter and catch dogs get there, or catching it themselves.


Cow Work: The dogs track and find the cattle, then get to the head of the cattle and bay to get them stopped and gathered into a manageable herd for the handler to move.


Scent Trailing: Tracking and finding wounded game. The dogs are started at the place the animal was shot/wounded and trail the scent to the animal for the hunter. This helps avoid wounded animals suffering or going to waste.