WCA Kentucky 2013 Results

Kentucky Trials July 2013
Conformation – Mr. David Arthur.
Scent Trailing and B-Bay – Mr. Darrell Dixon.
Treeing – Mr. Todd Goodson.
Cow Trials – Mr. Lew Jones.

Best of Show Male:
Alexander’s Pushmataha, – owned by Renee Jackson

Reserve Best of Show Male:
Rocky Point’s Smokum, – owned by Lew Jones

Best of Show Female:
Pea Patch’ Gator, – owned by Travis Voelker

Reserve Best of Show Female:
Rocky Point’s Mask, – owned by Sylvia Scudder

Male puppy:
1st Tuska Homma’s Blue Duck

Male 19-24 months:
1st Rocky Point’s Smokum

Male 2 yrs+ not proven:
1st Thistlerose’s Harper Lee
2nd Cougar Ridge’s Lord Odin
3rd Lothar’s Rusty Patch

Male 2 years +, proven:
1st Alexander’s Pushmataha
2nd Pea Patch’ Cletus
3rd Reel Zydeco’s Eli Blu

Males 6 years +, senior:
1st Abney’s Yankee Buck

Female puppy:
1st Tuska Homma’s Lady Valkyrie

Female 19-24 months:
1st Rocky Point’s Mask

Female 2 yrs+, no litter:
1st Pea Patch’ Gator
2nd Pea Patch’ Lucille
3rd Lothar’s Two-Bit

Females 2 years, had litter:
1st Trixie

Amateur class:
1st THK’s Lady Valkyrie/T. Speyer

Level One:
1st Thistlerose’s Harper Lee/Janice Altizio
2nd Rocky Point’s Mask/Perran Ross
3rd Lothar’s Bleuberry/Lynn Vaden
4th Annabelle/John Myers

One-dog winners:
1st Rocky Point’s Mask/Perran Ross
2nd 2 Creek’s Shiloh/ John Myers
3rd Philwood’s Katy/Perran Ross
4th Cat’s Cradle’s Turtle Dove/Mary Langevin

Two-dog winners:
1st Pea Patch’ Cat & Cletus/Toni Knopsnider
2nd Philwood’s Katy & Rocky Point’s Mask/P. Ross
3rd 2 Creek’s Shiloh & 2 Creek’s Lola/John Myers
4th Cat’s Cradle’s Turtle Dove & Reel Zydeco’s Memphis Mack/Mary Langevin

High Point Dog:
Rocky Point’s Mask 

Puppy class:
1st THK Lady Valkyrie & Blue Duck/ M. Speyer, R. Jackson

Old & Young:
1st Philwood’s Katy & THK Lady Valkyrie/P. Ross, A. Speyer
2nd 2 Creek’s Shiloh & Lee’s Oliver/J&M Myers
3rd THK Blue Duck & SpiderWoman/R. Jackson

One-dog winners:
1st Reel Zydeco’s Eli Blu/Kathy Korimsek
2nd Philwood’s Katy/P. Ross
3rd 2 Creek’s Shiloh/ J. Myers
4th Lothar’s Two-Bit/JP Hankins

Two-dog winners:
1st 2 Creek’s Shiloh & Annabelle/J&M Myers
2nd Lothar’s Bleuberry & Two-Bit/Hankins & Vaden
3rd Rocky Point’s Mask & Philwood’s Katy/Scudder & Ross
4th Alexander’s Pushmataha & THK SpiderWoman/R. Jackson

High Point Dog:
Philwood’s Katy

Puppy class:
1st THK Lady Valkyrie/M Speyer
2nd THK Blue Duck/R. Jackson

1st Rocky Point’s Mask/P. Ross
2nd Cajun Cate/M. Myers
3rd Philwood’s Katy/P. Ross
4th Reel Zydeco’s Eli Blu/K. Kormisek

1st Rocky Point’s Mask & Dozer/Scudder & Ross
2nd Rocky Point’s Mask & Moffitt’s Isabella/Scudder & Ross
3rd Wager’s Cajun Queen & Pea Patch’ Lucille/Carrie Keough
4th Lothar’s Rusty Patch & THK SpiderWoman/L. Vaden & R. Jackson

High Point Dog:
Rocky Point’s Mask

WCA Top Hand Award:
Rocky Point’s Mask – owned by Sylvia Scudder & Perran Ross