About the WCA

About the Working Catahoula Association

The Working Catahoula Association (WCA) is a new organization with an old idea– preserving the working instincts and skills of the Catahoula Leopard Dog. Begun in 2012, the WCA is guided by a board of directors consisting of long-time breeders of working Catahoulas. It is a registry accepting purebred Catahoulas with proven working skills in hog baying, coon treeing, cow work, and blood-trailing. It is also a proving ground for the dogs, hosting regular shows and trials that test the work abilities of the dogs.

The Registry:  Registering purebred adult Catahoulas that are certified as working dogs. Photos or videos of the dog actually working are needed, along with a pedigree of at least 3 generations.

Litter Registration:  Provisional registration granted to litters from WCA-registered dogs. Individual pups from the litter can only be fully registered with proof of their working abilities.

Trial and Field Champions: Designed to recognize the individual Catahoula with superior working abilities in field trial events and by recognizing Catahoulas for their daily work ethic and hunting abilities.

Breeder Directory: Members-only directory of breeders of working Catahoulas, their location, working types (cattle work, hog hunting, etc.), litter availability.