History of the WCA

The Working Catahoula Association started when the Hunters and Stockmen of the Catahoula Lake (central Louisiana) area saw what they felt was a deterioration of work ethic as the breed gained in popularity.
In the late 1970s a parvo epidemic hit many breeding programs of the area. It was at this time that the efforts to preserve and protect the remaining dogs became imperative. By networking and breeding only the best, and yes, culling the rest, many were able to not only preserve the breed, but to maintain the working standards which made the breed famous.
It was at this time that another blow was to be made to their efforts. What actually help develop the breed was the method by which the early settlers ranched. All lands in Louisiana were open range, livestock was allowed to free range with no fencing or barriers. As time passed, parish by parish, open range was ended by stock laws. In the 1990s, LaSalle Parish (home parish of Catahoula Lake) was the last Parish in the state to adopt these laws. With that single drastic change, a way of life that had supported many families for generations was gone, along with that, the need for the Working Catahoula.
Once again, some of the descendants of those who developed the breed saw the need, not to just preserve, but to preserve the breed by work ethic, the same qualities that were an integral part of its history. This is when the Catahoula Cur Dog Registry was formed. While not very organized, most of the old breeders could quote you the bloodlines of their dogs by memory and unfortunately as they passed, so did their knowledge. This fact really hit home on the passing of Mr. Hance Kuhn (Koon) who bred 56 generations of Catahoulas. Only the last few generations were recorded and then only on a few dogs. It was at this time that our current President, Renee’ Jackson was asked to take over their efforts.
With their blessing and approval, the Working Catahoula Association was formed, a continuation of their efforts and their mission to preserve and protect the Working Catahoula.
                                                                  Renee’ Jackson