WCA Board of Directors

President Renee’ L. Jackson
A resident of Jena, Louisiana, Renee’ lives just a few short miles from Catahoula Lake, the area so rich in history and development of the breed.
A fifth generation Catahoula breeder, she actually bred her first litter at the age of 12 under the direction of her Great-Grandfather. She has spent her life hunting, working, breeding and training these great dogs. She and her family have Tuska Homma Catahoulas, and they are actual descendants of the Native Renee JacksonAmericans of the area who developed the breed. There were three known breeders in the early years of development of the breed; two of those obtained their dogs from tribal forefathers.

Professionally, Renee’ spent 16 years as the Executive Vice President of the Louisiana Junior Chamber. The founding Chairman for the Jena Band of Choctaws’ Pow Wow, she served on their Culture Committee as Vice Chairman.  She is one of four Renee JacksonAmpo Ikbits (bowl makers) in the world who makes pottery in the ancient tradition.

Married to Herman Jackson, a former Council Member and Tribal Elder of the Jena Band of Choctaws, she is the mother of 7 children and grandmother of 8.

Vice President:
Kris Banik
Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Edwards
At-large Director: Roger Long
At-large Director: Dusty Knapp